Businessman sponsors music video for “c-Kush” hit song ‘Moco Moco’

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Businessman Azruddin Mohamed with Guyanese singer, Kareem Lewis popularly known as “c-Kush” (Team Mohamed’s photo)

The musical career of 25-year-old Kareem Lewis popularly known as “c-Kush” of Lodge, Georgetown was given a major boost today as Mr Azruddin Mohamed came on board to sponsor a music video for the artiste’s recent single, “Welcome to Moco Moco”.

To date, the young musician has several songs under his belt including ‘Eggball’, ‘Dunce Thug’ and ‘Doh Seh 40’. ‘Welcome to Moco Moco’ which is already a big hit, talks about Guyana being a blessed country with vast natural resources but yet persons are migrating.

His message to Guyanese is to stay and be a part of the massive development that Guyana will undergo with its new found oil wealth.

This music video is set to be released in time for Guyana’s Independence Anniversary.

It is being produced by Rodwell Glasgow and mixed and mastered by Travon Barker.

The video will feature scenes from Moco Moco in Region Nine and Georgetown which was compiled by Kariem Peters.

The young man thanked Mr Mohamed for reaching out to him. He felt that growing up in the ghetto, the businessman saw his potential and reached out to him- something that he is very thankful for.

As such, he assured the businessman that he will not be disappointed with the final product.

On the other hand, Mr Mohamed related that he was happy to sponsor the music video and urged the artiste to continue promoting love and unity in his songs.

He also suggested for the artiste to advocate for a crime free country in his upcoming releases. (Team Mohamed’s)



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